Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bring on the fuzz

Things are way too pretty these days. There's beauty in imperfections when magnified.

Another thing -- never throw away an image no matter how much you dislike it. Just photoshop the heck out of it! There's inspiration to be found when you least expect it.


I got to see the interior of the Carlson-Reges House /Roto House (next to the Brewery) at the DSA Lighting event sometime in April and took some shabby phone pics..... that's what I get for not bringing a nicer camera. They're no where as nice as seen on here but it was really amazing to be in the space.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Having always designed my books in landscape format, I am decidedly making a change to fit my projects in portrait view. This is going to be a painful process for me, I think because it will set me back on my personal deadline for completion, after spending the past month designing everything in landscape. 

But I really feel this hasty decision is going to make me feel a lot better. 

Here's how it WAS looking:

8.5 x 11" spreads